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Human empowerment

The basic concept of empowerment is education and knowledge to every individual. We believe that the awareness and education can support an individual to become a better citizen and human being. The knowledge would enhance their capability to thrive a sustainable life.


Empowerment is then the process of obtaining these basic opportunities for marginalized people, either directly by those people, or through the help of non-marginalized others who share their own access to these opportunities. It also includes actively thwarting attempts to deny those opportunities. Empowerment also includes encouraging, and developing the skills for, self-sufficiency, with a focus on eliminating the future need for charity or welfare in the individuals of the group. This process can be difficult to start and to implement effectively, but there are many examples of empowerment projects which have succeeded.


When women have economic empowerment, it is a way for others to see them as equal members of society. Through this, they achieve more self-respect and confidence by their contributions to their communities. Simply including women as a part of a community can have sweeping positive effects. When women have the agency to do what she wants, a higher equality between men and women is established.



Hope is an essential element in our definition. A person who is hopeful believes in the possibility of future change and improvement; without hope, it can seem pointless to make an effort. Yet mental health professionals who label their clients "incurable" or "chronic" seem at the same time to expect them to be motivated to take action and make changes in their lives, despite the overall hopelessness such labels convey.


There are several methods through which we can bring some changes in the society. We plan something new and implement it without any hesitation. We believe that God will always help us in all our processes.


Our activities ranges from blood donation camps, educational camps, distribution of clothes and books, protests against inhuman activities and for justice, creation and learning arts of various kinds, road shows, magazine publications, meditation camps.

We believe that what ever we are doing, we are gathering knowledge and this knowledge would help us for future programs.

We need support and your help. Together we can make a difference.








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